Stories of our clients' successes!

  • "Exceptional!"

    Exceptional - very professional - a class act

  • "Diane Has a Great Eye for Staging!"

    Diane has a great eye for staging, knows how to read and anticipate market trends and is skillful in explaining real estate lingo in layman terms. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to Diane when they need real estate advise.

  • "Diane Made the Home-selling and Buying Experience Enjoyable!"

    They say that buying and selling a house is one of life’s major stress inducers. Thomas and I undertook this endeavor alongside graduating from school, searching for a job and getting married. Despite all of the activity in our lives that summer, Diane made the home-selling and buying experience enjoyable. Needless to say, she sold our condo and helped us find our first dream house, but she did it in a patient, energetic, creative and fun manner. While we’re still content in our home, we’re looking forward to having Diane help us find our next dream home.

  • "Diane is a Consummate Pro!"

    Diane and I have worked together since she began in real estate. I’ve worked with her clients, she’s worked with my clients, I’ve been her client and she’s been my client. In every combination of our interactions, Diane has demonstrated, time and time again, her commitment to excellence. Truly, Diane is a consummate pro and I am privileged to be a part of her team.

  • "We're in Love with Our New Home!"

    As first time home buyers we were incredibly nervous about the process of purchasing a new home. Our knowledge was limited to leasing hobbit holes and watching home improvement shows. Thank God we found Diane. She eased us through the process, taking time to educate us and answer our questions without condensation or irritation. She molded her schedule to meet with us, even on Saturday evenings when we needed just one more look at that town house. She respected our budget but helped us calculate a mortgage that enabled us to buy our dream home. When it came down to the purchase price, Diane was our lioness, fighting for all the special perks and closing costs we hadn't even thought of. She was honest, she was available, she was patient but most of all she kept us laughing through those moments when we thought we'd never get the house. We can't say enough positive things about our experience with Diane. Were in love with our new home but when we buy our next one, Diane will be our realtor, she's simply the best.

  • "Diane Helped Us from Start to Finish!"

    Diane helped us from start to finish. We had been in our home for 33 years and she helped us understand how to get the best value. She recommended contractors who did fantastic jobs and stepped in when we were lost and needed her help. We would not be where we are today without her expert help and patience. Diane listens, teaches and makes sure the path taken is the right one for who you are and that she is a right there walking with you.

  • "We Highly Recommend Her!"

    Take a stressful, time sensitive, complex challenge, insert one Diane Lancaster and everything is almost immediately better! How? Diane brought poise, savvy and urgency to our situation and mastered every hiccup put in front of her. In my own profession, I have to problem solve every day. Diane can match me in spades. How about finding a Mandarin translator over a weekend to talk to one potential buyer? Putting her magic networking to the task so that the house sold before an open house was set. Her contributions were too many to list and the result was more than we hoped for. I can't imagine ever using anyone else other than Diane. To say we highly recommend her, is putting it way too mildly.

  • "I Recommend Her to Anybody and Everybody!"

    I have known Diane for almost 9 years. I recommended her services to my mother when she moved to Seattle from the East Coast 7 years ago and my mother was thrilled with the her experience working with Diane. I started thinking about selling my home a few years ago. Diane has been over to my house countless times since then to give me feedback and inspiration along the way. Her encouragement and enthusiasm kept me on track even when I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do to get the house "buttoned up." Well, listing time came and with her suggestions, pillows, side tables and encouragement, it really was buttoned up. Thanks to her understanding of the market and her ability to strategize, visualize and negotiate we sold our house in 5 days, well over list price, and with the sweetest terms imaginable. Less than a week later we had mutual acceptance on a new house we hadn't dreamed we could get into. That's got to be some kind of record. Truly full service, she has made the whole process seamless and easy. We have dubbed her "The Warrior." And she kept us laughing the whole time! What a wonderful experience this has been. I recommend her to anybody and everybody looking for an amazing real estate agent.

  • "Diane Was Simply the Best!"

    From helping us find contractors to get our home ready to sell to the flowers she gave us as a congratulations, Diane was simply the best. Professional, nice, and responsive.

  • "Diane Really Has a Keen Ability to Help!"

    Diane has helped us with 6 transactions over the years. As many times as we've gone through a real estate transaction, whether it be our primary home or an investment property- it's always emotional. Diane really has a keen ability to help us keep our emotions under control and manage all the stressful details behind the scenes so we can focus on our priorities.

  • "We Have Recommended Diane to Several of Our Friends!"

    Working with Diane has been a truly wonderful experience for us! This was our first home purchase and Diane spent a lot of extra time helping to educate us on the industry, the current state of the real estate market, and even recommending some excellent home inspectors and lenders that she has had good experiences with in the past. She worked tirelessly to help put us in a strong negotiating position and helped us get into our first home without a hitch. We still remain in contact with Diane, who is happy to provide us with remodeling recommendations and information about market trends whenever asked. Additionally, one year after our purchase, she provided us with a complimentary re-evaluation of our home to help us see how our home is performing as an investment, which is one good example of how she goes above and beyond for her clients. We have recommended Diane to several of our friends now and we would not hesitate to have Diane by our side in any future real estate transaction.

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Diane Lancaster

Diane Lancaster

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